How to organize a college backpack in 5 simple steps?

Although, it might be very tempting to stuff and cram everything inside your college backpack before you leave for your next class, it is still advisable to consider some tips on how to organize a college backpack. If you spare a few minutes out of your busy day to see what condition your bag is in, you will realize that it needs to be packed more systematically. Once your college backpack is packed in an organized form, you will know that all the essentials are easily accessible which saves time as you don’t sit looking for things.

Students often wonder how to organize a college backpack in order to keep their thing in an amicable arrangement which allows everything to be visible and reachable. So here we have few suggestions for you:

  1. Pack your laptop and other tech equipment in a specific compartment of your backpack

The most important thing to consider while packing your bag is to keep your stuff safely. The delicate tech gadgets should be put in a separate compartment so that they are not prone to scratch or damage. Mostly, college-based students need to carry their laptops or tablets quite frequently so instead of carrying an additional laptop bag, choose a backpack that comes with a dedicate tech sleeve to safely tuck-in your gadgets. Usually the compartment is padded with safety lining to protect your gadget from getting any scratches.

As Gizmoist says, the electronics you carry all day in college will cease to lose charge if they are used continuously. The charging stuff includes cords, chargers, and USB cables. As a result, many college backpacks have a separate pocket or compartment which has a Velcro strap to avoid tangling of these cords and wires.

  1. Place the textbooks and binders in the main compartment of the backpack

Since, most of your college stuff is paper-based such as textbooks, notebooks, assignments sheets, planners and many more; so dedicated the largest (main) compartment to it. You can arrange these books as per your timetable so that you reach for the right stuff in the right class.

Dedicating the main compartment to your books and diaries will keep the weight of the bag balanced. This will help you avoid straining your shoulders with load thus freeing yourself from any kind of muscle pain and cramps.

  1. The water bottle should be packed in such a way that it saves backpack capacity

You have to spend most of your day at your college campus, so you need to carry a drinking water bottle with you in your backpack. But the downside is, water bottles are prone to leakage which can dampen your bag and sodden your textbooks and not only this, it can damage your tech devices.

In order to avoid all the hassle, just put your bottle in the side pocket. Usually backpacks come with a dedicated water bottle sleeve/pocket which is designed in such a way that it prevents your bag and its contents from any kind of damage due to water leakage. The Molle webbing and stretchable material prevents condensation and hold the bottle in its place.

  1. Use a premium organizer feature of college backpack to place other accessories

This organization feature will hold all your other essentials such as wallet, student identity cards, transport cards, car keys, locker keys, and other important tidbits. If they are stuffed in the backpack carelessly and not organized, you will encounter difficulty in locating them when needed.

  1. Organize writing essentials in a separate small zipped pocket

All the writing stuff such as pens, pencils, eraser, and sharpeners should be placed in a reachable small zipper pocket of the backpack. In this way, you can quickly get hold of them for noting down lectures without wasting time.

So, when you have sorted out the necessary study essentials for the day, spend some time to follow these effective ways of how to pack a college backpack.